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A unique approach to Herbal Remedies

MOBU’s unique Penetrating Dermal Infusions (PDI™) formulation takes the guesswork out of essential oils and herbs. The creator, a naturopath, blended essential oils and herbs so you can get the fastest relief without needing to purchase multiple products, thereby saving you time and frustration.

The herbs and essential oils synergize for up to a week, resulting in herbal infusions that absorb through skin and into the bloodstream rapidly for optimum results. Afterall, since skin is our largest organ, it is the most efficient pathway to transport herbs and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Oral medications tend to often be less effective since they must go through the digestive tract and its many enzymes. As a result, you feel better naturally!

MOBU's Penetrating Dermal Infusions Herbal Blends are applied topically to the skin. They have been expertly formulated by a brilliant pioneering naturopath to deliver powerful benefits of herbs directly and rapidly for maximum absorption into your bloodstream. Most find this to be the most effective method of taking herbal remedies.

The products provide gentle but very powerful relief for many symptoms, including relief from pain, stress, sleeplessness, dry skin, itching, rashes, digestive problems and men’s and women’s hormonal issues.


Our Mission is to provide natural, high-quality products to everyone. We will listen to each individual, without judgment, to help motivate and empower others to live the best life possible.

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Nature and Science in Harmony

GeoBlends is pleased to share MOBU Herbals, the  natural herbal remedies and personal care products that are the crowning legacy of a lifetime of inspired research by Janell Hendricks-Cole.

Janell never compromised on the quality and ethics of her ingredients and techniques. Thanks to her vision and dedication, you can rely on the unique MOBU range of Penetrating Dermal Infusions for unparalleled health benefits, even when other  remedies have failed to provide relief.

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We strive to deliver high quality products. If you are not 100% satisfied with product, please reach out to your Ambassador or email support@geoblends.com within 30 days.