No matter the cause, we all feel a little grumpy from time to time. Whether it is money worries, work stresses, or relationship ups and downs, it can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling blue and letting life’s inevitable ebbs and flows get you down. Here are five easy tricks to help you avoid being grumpy. 

Take a Technology Detox

We live in a world where it is now even easier than ever to think that the grass is greener. Mobile technology and social media can give us a peek not only into the lives of our friends and neighbors but also celebrities and big-name stars, so it can be understandable sometimes to wonder how you can ever measure up. While social media can be fun and even a useful work tool, it is essential to make sure you are having regular technology detoxes. Nothing will make you feel grumpier faster than comparing your situation to someone else’s – especially when seen through a rose-tinted Instagram filter. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, try going for a stroll instead or swap your YouTube autoplay marathons for reading a book or magazine. Although a side of healthy competition can be useful sometimes, continually comparing yourself to others will only make you unhappy in the end. Try to keep perspective wherever possible and remember social media is only a snapshot of real-life, so give yourself regular breaks from this manufactured world. 

Have a Pamper Day

If you are feeling grumpy on the inside, making yourself feel better on the outside can be a quick and easy way to lift your mood. Spend time doing an activity or hobby that you enjoy, or try picking up a new skill to give yourself something new to focus on. Getting stuck in a rut can be a classic cause of the grumps and no matter how old you are, it is never too late to try something different. If you are feeling low on a more regular basis, it may be down to lifestyle stress. An easy way to feel better is to pamper yourself, so why not try spending a little longer on your beauty routine. Light candles, try a new face mask and add aromatherapy oils for a relaxing bath, and invest in some new natural products to help you look and feel your best. Taking some time to yourself is vital as often feeling down and grumpy can be as a result of giving too much of ourselves to others, which can result in feeling emotionally depleted. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself a quick pick me up pamper day treat either. Sometimes it is essential to treat yourself to a new wardrobe item or say yes to the cheat food that is calling your name. Although not something to do every time you feel a bit grumpy, occasionally treating and pampering yourself with some retail therapy can also really do the trick. 

Get Moving

When you feel your mood starting to slip, one of the most natural tricks to feel better faster is to get moving! High energy cardiovascular exercise can instantly lift your mood as it floods the body with the feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. Grumpiness is often accompanied by feeling lethargic and unmotivated, so exercise is an easy way to combat this, and the best part is you can do it anywhere, any time. Even a brisk walk on your lunch break or taking time out from a potential stress-inducing situation can help to make you feel so much better almost instantly. By getting your body moving, you can also help to avoid making wrong choices to relieve your grumpiness, such as eating too many sweet treats or opting for fast food instead of a fresh home-cooked meal.  

Watch Your Diet

Just as exercise can help you avoid feeling grumpy, so can keeping a close eye or your diet. If you are feeling more irritable than usual, make sure it isn’t down to poor eating choices. Everything in moderation is a good idea when it comes to diet, so although treats are great, it is best to try and stick to a healthy balanced diet for the majority of the time. Too much sugar and bad fats in our diet can leave us sluggish, bloated, and generally not feeling our best, If this sounds like you, swap your unhealthy choices and quickly and easily feel your body respond to proper nutrition. Eating late at night or skipping meals is also a big no-no and can leave blood sugar levels spiking and crashing, another culprit when feeling grumpy. Beware of too much caffeine as although your morning latte may make you feel better initially, by the end of the day, it can leave you feeling worse. Alcohol, too, is another big offender when it comes to low mood. Alcohol is a depressant. It may make you feel less grumpy and more relaxed after a glass of wine, but consuming alcohol regularly will only make you feel more down and can also have a detrimental effect on your overall long term health. 

Prioritize Good Sleep

If you aren’t getting good sleep, you are never going to feel your best. Sometimes getting the hours of refreshing and revitalizing sleep we need can be challenging, especially with unavoidable lifestyle changes such as starting a family, long working hours, or unexpected illness. However, making good sleep a priority is a quick and easy way to help you feel better and avoid those lulls of grumpiness. Our bodies respond to consistency, so try and have a sleep routine that you stick to. Avoid the temptation to give in to daytime naps as these make resetting your body clock harder and try to avoid eating sugary or caffeinated foods close to bedtime. Sleep deprivation can be responsible for increased levels of depression and anxiety, so if you are feeling grumpy, make sure to get an early night to avoid feeling grumpy the next day. 

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