Now and then, we spend tons of money on self-grooming and self-care. People often buy expensive makeup, skincare products, jewelry, and clothes to look younger, smarter, and better. However, when we talk about personal care, nails are the last thing that crosses our minds. Although taking care of nails is as important as taking care of your hygiene. Dirty and unhygienic nails not only invite numerous diseases but also transfer germs and bacteria in your mouth. Other than that, these nails also act as an indicator of health problems, like lack of Calcium in the body, kidney diseases, liver diseases, etc. are sometimes caused due to poorly managed nails. Hence, nail care is as important as eating healthy food, as these nails shield your fingers and toes from fungal and bacterial infections. Thus, we can say that showing some love for our nails is the key secret for having healthy and beautiful nails.
According to many dermatologists, consistent nail color and smooth texture is an indicator of healthy nails. Most of us usually have a daily skincare routine, similarly, maintaining a good nail care routine can substantially improve the condition of our nails. There are various methods through which we can give proper care to our nails and some of them are:

● Try to wash and clean the hands and feet as many times as you can.
● Trim the nails weekly. But avoid nail-biting.
● Never rip the hangnails with your hands; instead, use the nail clipper to chip them off.
● Clean the underneath of the nails in the shower.
● Soaking hands and feet in warm water can also protect your nails from germs and bacteria.
● Scrubbing is also essential when it comes to nail care. Take a soft brush and gently scrub your feet and hands to remove dirt. This will prevent the nails from infections as well.
● Removing the excess skin around your nails with cuticle remover will help in strengthening your nails.
● Another way of protecting the nails is by wearing gloves while doing the household chores like washing the dishes and clothes or gardening. Excessive encounter with harsh chemicals will damage the tissue beneath your nails and will end up harming your skin.
● Most importantly, avoid applying nail polishes regularly. Give your nails some break from harsh chemicals, or else you will end up damaging them more. 

Apart from all of these methods, sometimes your nails require some extra care and professional treatment. A proper relaxing break for your hands is essential to sustain their beauty, and the most common way to do it is by getting a manicure or pedicure. Manicures and pedicures will not only rinse up all the dirt but will also relax your mind. It can be challenging to fit this into our hectic schedule. Applying good quality balms and moisturizers around your nails, in the meantime, is quite necessary when it comes to nail care because, just like our skin, our nails also need a moisturizer to keep them healthy and shiny. And what’s the better way to do it then applying “Nailed It” on your precious fingernails and toenails. This balm is the best way to give your hands a beautiful and attractive look.
Nailed it is not only designed to groom your nails but also prevents them from breaking and splitting into half. Applying it regularly around your fingers and toes will help keep them moisturized and help keep them super glossy and sleek. In addition to these benefits, there are several other reasons to use Nailed it punctually in your daily life. Some of them are:

● Strengthens the nail
● Eliminates discoloration
● Relieves thickened brittles
● Forms a protective layer
● Keeps your nails and cuticles nourished 


Nailed It has the power of many nutrients in its formula, including different natural oils and herbs, which makes it completely reliable and chemical-free. Each ingredient included in it has its benefit; for example, Olive oil hydrates the nails and softens the cuticles. Whereas, Oregon grape root and Burdock fight dryness, and also protect the nails.

Now, worry no more and say goodbye to discolored and fragile nails. GeoBlends is here with Mobu Herbals “Nailed It” to give you healthy, long, and shiny nails. With this balm, feel free to pamper yourself. Just open up the tin, take a small amount, and gently apply it around your nails every night before going to bed. But make sure to mix the content well to get the best result. Also, try to massage your hands and feet with this balm, as it will improve the circulation and nutrients will be delivered from your bloodstream to your nails, leaving your hands and feet smoother and brighter. The balm will start doing its magic as the night proceeds and will instantly improve the condition of your nails. So it is time that you start practicing a good nail care routine because healthy nails mean a healthy body. 


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