A Mission to Help Others Feel Better Naturally

GeoBlends was built upon the legacy of Janell Cole, the creator of MOBU Herbals. I helped her with MOBU Herbals from 2014 until she passed to eternal life in April 2019. The mission was simple: to Help people feel better naturally with the best value herbal blended products.

Janell provided hundreds of women and men the opportunity to run their businesses and countless people the opportunity to feel better naturally. The products are life-changing. The business opportunity supports business owners across the globe.

I am expanding Janell’s mission to help empower the lives of the Ambassadors and every person we work with. I love having fun, working with others, and teaching about the benefits of all-natural products.

If you enjoy having fun and working with others, I hope that you consider joining the GeoBlends family.


Our mission is to provide natural products, to educate, and promote entrepreneurship while empowering people to reach their goals.