When it comes to our hair, we all want to keep our mane looking shiny, lustrous and free from dryness, split ends and damage. But how can you maintain great hair? Here is the one thing you need to know!


The key to great hair? It’s all about nourishment, inside and outside!


Just like your skin, your hair is a reflection of what you eat, as well as the beauty products you use. When it comes to diet, be sure to include plenty of berries, spinach, and eggs. Protein is an essential component when it comes to hair health, so making sure to include protein-rich vegetables such as spinach and legumes is a great way to add protein to your diet, as well as eggs, nuts, and lean poultry meats such as chicken and turkey. Another critical component, when it comes to shiny, happy hair, is ensuring you are getting enough iron. Eating red meat sparingly and fish too can keep your nutrient levels high and help maintain a steady hair growth cycle. Kale and broccoli are two vegetarian alternatives when it comes to topping up your body’s iron levels and as well as helping to keep hair glossy and shiny, can also aid with the prevention of hair loss. Foods rich in vitamin C like blueberries, oranges, and other citrus fruits can keep your hair nourished from the inside out, helping the capillaries in the hair shaft to get the levels of collagen they need to stay healthy. Vitamin A is a crucial ingredient when it comes to a flake-free scalp, so be sure to add sweet potatoes and carrots to aid with the scalp’s natural sebum production and maintain balance, so your hair stays dandruff clear. Not producing too much oil is also essential when it comes to a healthy scalp, and eating food that contains vitamin A can stop your hair from becoming greasy, which can weigh it down and leave your styles looking flat, dull, and lifeless.


Diet plays a vital role in achieving great hair, but so do the products you choose to wash and condition it with. Sulfates and parabens can be lurking in even the most top-shelf, well-known brands of shampoos and conditioners, and these chemical ingredients can do more harm than good. Don’t be fooled by the expensive packaging. Make sure always to read the label as shampoos created using chemicals can disrupt the balance of your scalp and cause product build-up, which in turn can damage your hair and even your immune system over time. When choosing a product to wash your hair with, opt for a natural shampoo instead. The Shampoo Bars come in a selection of five very different scents, so you are bound to find one you fall in love with. These clever little shampoo bars are ideal for cleaning your hair thoroughly without stripping it of natural oils. Available in Mint, Garden Wave, Lavender Rosemary, Lemongrass, and Patchouli, these shampoo bars use essential oils to invigorate the senses and only the most natural ingredients to care for your hair as you wash. Coconut and olive oils naturally infuse moisture into each hair strand without weighing it down and leave your hair feeling touchably soft, shiny, and smelling great. Shampoos that use all-natural ingredients are suitable for all hair types, and the bar formulation makes it easy to work up a lather and lasts for ages without the need for a huge bottle taking up space in your bathroom, shower, or gym bag. So when it comes to thick, shiny, lustrous hair, make sure you are feeding yourself the right ingredients and using the best all-natural products to maintain nourished, swish-worthy hair all year round. 


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