Best Lotion for Dry Skin

Before we discuss the best lotion for dry skin, we are going to talk a little bit about what is dry skin. Dry skin occurs at all ages and is often temporary, but can be uncomfortable and can cause itching, can crack, and sometimes bleed. Some people experience dry skin during the dry winter months while other people experience dry skin at different times throughout the year. 

The body butter is best if you want to treat your skin to nonstop moisturization with a rich, intensive cream featuring the clean scent of shea. Shea butter has antioxidant vitamins A and E to help protect and nourish skin. There are several scents to choose from or unscented body butter with the same great qualities. 

The body butters are sensitive enough to use on your face and work well as a full body moisturizer. The body butters have also helped people with uneven skin tones, have diminished the appearance of stretch marks, and some people even use it as an all-natural deodorant.

For a more intensive moisturizer when you have cracked and/or bleeding skin, the S.O.S. lotion is the best choice. The main ingredients in the S.O.S. lotion are olive oil,  calendula, and Vitamin E which are known for helping with dry skin and irritated skin. Most people with cracked and bleeding skin, due to dryness, have said that S.O.S. has helped after the first application, and after several applications, the dryness was gone.

The body butters and S.O.S. lotion are vegan, gluten-free, chemical free, and contain all natural ingredients and are free from sulfates, dyes, and perfumes.

Now that you know the best lotion to prevent dry skin, let’s talk more about causes. Many ingredients found in skincare products can cause your skin to dry out after prolonged usage. Be sure that when choosing skincare products that sulfates, alcohol, and salicylic acid are not ingredients.

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