GeoBlends launched on June 1, 2019, to help people with natural health solutions. This was after the passing of Janell Cole, the beloved creator of MOBU Herbals products, who passed away suddenly and very unexpectedly on April 30, 2019. 

It is of the utmost importance to the family that Janell’s unique and wonderful herbal products should continue as her legacy. The values and traditions of her vision should survive her.  The family is determined to continue manufacturing the products to Janell’s same stringent quality standards. However, they felt unable to continue offering direct and retail sales of MOBU Herbals.

Brenda was involved in supporting Janell with the Direct Sales business since the beginning of 2014. We are all, of course, devastated by her loss. We lost a truly great friend and mentor. But we are as determined as the Cole family to ensure that the products remain available and that the Ambassador program that Janell initiated, and I assisted with, should continue. Our Ambassadors are the lifeline of GeoBlends, and we are very thankful that they have continued their journey with GeoBlends.

And so, we are proud and happy to announce our plan of carrying forward Janell’s legacy and inspiration. With the Cole families’ blessings, we launched a new company, GeoBlends LLC. 

GeoBlends LLC is not affiliated with MOBU Herbals but will be distributing the same great products, with the same look, from our website.

GeoBlends has expanded with more natural products that will continue the traditions and high standards of quality products set by Janell throughout her life.

The purpose of our blog is to educate people on herbs and their uses, the benefits of natural ways to relieve anxiety, provide natural pain solutions, and to provide health tips and tricks to help each day be your best day.

We also strive to empower and motivate women who are entrepreneurs at heart. We provide them with an opportunity to earn an income, have their own work from home company, set their own hours, and be a part of something great! 

Brenda knows what it is like to start a Direct Sales business as an Ambassador. She listens to feedback to help support women, providing training that will help you from the start. Our Ambassadors are always learning, growing through personal development, and earning incentives for all their hard work! ,

Our Mission is to provide natural, high-quality products to everyone. We will listen to each individual, without judgment, to help motivate and empower others to live the best life possible.

Brenda and Justin Deming – Co-Founders

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